Why Capstans?

Rather than using the hand-over-hand method of retrieving lines, the capstan offers a mechanical advantage that is both faster and safer. The capstan does the heavy lifting with only a small amount of effort from you. The maximum speed of the line retrieval depends on the rotational speed of the drum. The benefit is that the retrieval speed can be adjusted by decreasing the tension on the retrieved line, maintaining control over a very heavy load with little effort.

Recreational fishermen, commercial fishermen use these for hauling crab and lobster pots and there are many other uses aboard boats. Capstans are made with only a few mechanical parts creating ease of operation and increasing the dependability of the product. This makes it a favorite of fisherman worldwide. While chains should NEVER be wrapped around a drum, the majority of lines can be handled on a capstan.

A capstan, typically operated by an easy to use footswitch, which allows a single boated to operate the capstan. Powerwinch has a model to fit all your needs.

All Powerwinch capstans come with a foot control switch that allows for hands-free operation.

Capstan 300
Versatile rope winch for anchoring, sailing, fishing
Capstan 1000
Multipurpose rope winch for anchoring, sailing & fishing
Quick Catch Pot Puller
Spend more time fishing, less time pulling pots