Free-Fall Anchor Windlasses

Automatic helm-operated free-fall windlasses - The safest way to anchor.







Benefits of Free-Fall over Power-Down:

Fastest way to anchor - Anchor drops up to four times faster!

Easiest way to anchor - Free-Fall stops when the anchor has reached bottom - Rope does not collect on your deck while you waste time and effort powering down.

Easiest to use - just hold the helm switch for only five seconds to release free-fall, versus one to three minutes powering down.

Safety - Allows you to anchor quickly in poor conditions.

Precise anchoring location - Anchor your boat where you want it to be, unlike powering down where your boat will drift while you power down.

Sport Fish 450
Class 36'
Class 41'
Class 46'
Free-Fall Anchor Winch Rode